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Oh I was apprehensive--new model bike: strike one. New model ITALIAN bike—strike two! Cross country trip on a ‘torture rack’? Strike three! Errr....not a good idea. Actually, probably a really stupid idea. But it's the ‘stupid’ things we do that we remember the most. All too often the 'good' decisions we make we forget or regret. But the stupid ones? Ahh, those are the memory builders and the building blocks for great stories and adventures that make you smile and laugh years later.

Additionally, the logic with the 1199 was to not compromise my choice of bike and instead overcome the compromises that the Panigale would require of me. Too often people don’t factor into a decision is our outstanding abilities as humans to adapt to difficulty. The result of overcoming adversity and mastering one's ability to triumph over environmental challenges through persistence, determination and imagination produce self-efficiency and feelings of personal power luxury and security can never hope to provide. The harder the journey, the greater the cultivation of the will—and mastering one thing leads to greater proficiency on how to overcome challenges in other parts of our lives as well.
Great RR.

I have some shared views on choice of ride and touring. I bought my S1000RR in 2010 with the intent that it will take me wherever I want to be going: to the restaurant, to the cottage, across the continent. I got back two weeks ago from a ride to the west coast of Canada and back - a little more than 10,000 kms (6,000 miles). Me, the bike and a pack across the back seat. Loved it.

Only thing I don't get about your approach is how you can ride reasonably comfortably with a large pack on your back. My German supermodel may have slightly wider hips and a slightly bigger bum but she does allow me to put my gear back there.
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