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Jezebel gets a new ticker

Points Plate Installation

Buy a Dr. Harms designed replacement points plate made by Pentacom.

Gee...the advance mechanism has 78,000 miles on it too... So I got one of them.

My differential timing is 4, maybe 5 degrees out... it used to be a lot worse. Them old parts is “ wore’d out “.

Wake up one morning and decide that originality has to be sacrificed for operating efficiency. It’s time to refresh the ignition. After all, I’ve got the new parts.

Off comes the old advance. It’s well beyond it’s years. A job well done, and a perfectly good emergency backup, should the need arise. Zircon showed up on his R69S last month with a bad copper float... I just happened to have one left over from my Bing rebuild last year... Bada Bing! Bada Boom!

NEVER! Throw any part away.

Got him back to Ohio it did.

Off comes the oriGinal points plate.

The instructions say, “ Remove the original points plate being careful to not drop any of the four spacers into the magneto magnet.”

The spacers are concave 6mm to accept the screw and the back of the plate.

I heard one drop when I pulled the plate, but I can’t find it... they always get away...

The new plate assembly has to be pulled apart to be mounted.

Reinstall points plate and rotate motor to the S mark and...WTF????

The magneto’s not turning???

The magnet’s come loose from the crank nose. Since the four bolts are out the whole shebang comes off.

Lo and Behold! The elusive spacer is attracted to the magnet!

Jammed in there actually, which is what popped the magneto off’n the cam nose, preventing further unimaginable damage, had I actually gotten the thing started like that.

Sort of a , “Don’t do this to your own bike...” kind of moment.

Clean everything up. The mag to cam nose is taper/taper fit. Dry.
The new plate assembly has to be pulled apart to be mounted.
The old screws do not fit past the Chevy points and the Chevy condenser mounting.
Get the plate on and slip the new advance mechanism onto the mag nose... it’s tight, it REALLY tight...WTF?
I speak with Richard at Benchmark Works. He asks if I feel a slight burr on the mag nose. There is, which I gently file off and the new advance slips on like a glove.

It’s time to line everything up. The magneto has to be set to the S mark. The old points mech had the “V” notch. The Harms point plate doesn’t but it has a notch where it should be. There is no reference in the instructions, but there is a handwritten thankyou note, and a phone number for Dr. Harms, should I have a questions...

So, I gave him a call.

Dr. Harms,
I’m installing your points plate, and I’m not sure what the points gap should be or how to align the S mark with your setup.
Just line up the S mark on your fly and the notch on the magneto on my plate. ( Oh! There it is!)
Screw on the points assembly. “ They’re preset at the factory...!” OK
Start the bike and ride it and then adjust the allen head until it idles well and then turn it back a bit til it slows down, then set your carbs...
But, how do I check the static timing?
The timing is now regulated only by the point dwell, the amount of time the points live and break on the cam. ( See Advance Mechanism )By adjusting the points gap, you are now adjusting the engine ignition timing.

“They’re all different due to the custom cut timing gears. Yours might be 2 or 3 d. here, and the next one is 1 or 2 there.They are wonderful handbuilt machines. Each one unique. That’s why my adjustable points plate works. You can actually find the balance in the “Lost Spark” system.
These things are like lawnmowers..they don’t even have a distributor!”

And if you’re into it that deep, pull that Emerald Isle coil outta there and put in a Harley Panhead 6V coil.You can mount it right up underneath the tank by the horn. The original location is the WORST place you could ever mount a coil...too hot.

The Harley coil is 59$ The Bmw is 179$

Thank You Dr.,

It’s been a pleasure speaking with you. I am reminded that we are all rocket surgeons first, and lawnmowers second...

I put it all together and try to start the bike.... NOTHING!

But he said they were adjusted at the factory!????

Bust out the Betjemann points adjusterator...and the points are so far off it’s nut funny...

Hit the break point at the S mark. Tweek the 3mm allen head until happiness.
The new advance mechanism should have been a priority long since.
Like the solos.

Jezebel might have a new lease on life. Starts well, more power..

54' R51/3, 65' R60/2, 68' R60US, 74' Moto Guzzi Eldorado, 95' Mystic

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