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Originally Posted by Lesharoturbo View Post
I was aiming for a chuckle, but seem to have hit a nerve.

Let's see:
300lbs with gear
~150lbs with gear (wife)
~15-20 lbs extra gas
~50-60lbs of luggage

so about 500-550 lbs

There are very few bikes that can handle that duty continuously. The Goldwing is one.

I too can only afford 1 bike and it must perform multiple duties. However, it performs 1 job far more than others. That is what drove me to purchase my particular machine. It can still handle the others, but I woudln't use it that way full time. I am sure that you and the wife would not be packing up for a trip every day, but maybe once or twice a season. I would suggest that as a guide.

I do not own a supermoto, but I think it is a great bike for commuting and occasional 2 up touring. Most of all, some back road scratching.
Very few bikes have a load carrying rating of 500+ lbs. Mostly the huge cruisers/tourers, such as the Goldwings, BMW K/R bikes, and Victories.
My 800cc Suzuki C50 cruiser doesnt have a rating that can carry that much weight; neither does my BMW G650GS plus he stated he wanted a ranger of 300 miles between tanks, if I kept the g650gs between 40-45mph for the whole tank, and sipped it almost dry, I might be able to coast into a gas station at 300miles, and the g650gs has one of the highest mph fuel ratings of any dual sport on the market- and the SMs get less fuel milage; even less bikes which can carry that much fuel and have a load rating of 500+ load rating. The KLR has a 6 gallon tank so should be able to go 300 miles between tanks without that load, but with that load-very doubtful. The BMW R1200GS is supposedly rated off/on road (but it weighs almost 600 pounds-not too many people really want to heave that beast off road), can carry the payload of over 500lbs, and may be able to go 300 miles between fill-ups.
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