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July 4, 2012

Breakfast. Coffee. Load up camp. Everybody needs gas. We say good bye to Bob Scott Campground, and ten minutes later we are in Austin, NV. If we would have been about a half an hour later, we could have be an entry in the 4th of July parade. Just missed it.

Leaving Austin.

Day four had no planned return route until last night. First thought was that we would travel north of USHWY 50 on the entire return trip and attempt to ride as much of the PXT that we could navigate from our Nevada Benchmark
Road and Recreation Atlas. We refered to this document multiple times daily. None of us can afford GPS. Probably safe to say that the whole crew would rather buy new knobbies than an electronic device.

We decide to stay south and seek shade. Some of day one's ride is ridden backward, and what do you know, It was like a completey different ride. South down Reese River Valley there are epic views of the west side of the Toiyabe Range. Working ranches and open Nevada range land the whole way down all around us. Everything on the left side of us is hard not to look at. Four peaks over 10K, two over 11K, woods, canyon after canyon, most with roads and all with water. If you ever want to have an extremely large portion of planet earth all to yourself with no rules and no humans, for an extended period of time, this area should be on top of your short list. We eventually roll through the Yomba Indian Reservation again and notice that there is a sign stating that they will sell you gasoline if you inquire at the tribal office. Note to self. Back over Ione Summit, which was just worked over by the Nye County Road Department's motor grader. Through Ione then north to Carroll Summitt to seek shade and ride in the trees. Gas at Middlegate sounds good. Up Ione Valley to the crossroads at the Nye/Lander county line. Lean left at the intersection. Been riding a few hours now and have not passed a vechicle yet. Thinking a lot how much being retired and/or independently wealthy would not suck. We finally see pavement for the first time in a long time. We stop and look south. Gabbs? Whisky Tango Foxtrot? Too much left turn back at the crossroads. We cross SR 361 at the Gabbs Airport. Didn't even clean the dust off the knobs crossing over the asphalt. Back on Gas Line Road to deep dry blow sand. It's hot out here. It looks like how someone that has never been to Nevada would visualize Nevada here. Playa, sand, solitary broken windmill, miles and miles sparse low brush, long straight roads all surrounded by treeless mountains. Everyone is getting holiday pay from work today. I love America. We go by Deadhorse Well and over Ryan Pass.

Down Ryan Canyon right through the center of the Hawthorne Army Depot and into downtown Hawthorne, NV. Gas is purchased by all and followed by a quick departure. A few minutes of slab on SR 359 to Lucky Boy Pass for lunch. Back in the trees. Much cooler up here.

Lucky Boy Pass looking northeast at Hawthorne.

Food was good. We hit Bodie Road and head to Ninemile Ranch. Going north now pointed toward home. Going by the Walker River. Lots of Cottonwood trees. Pass the Hilton Ranch and their private airport, the place Steve Fawcett flew out of before crashing his plane. Pass the Flying M and get on some BLM trails, and everyone suddenly is on the gas. 900 miles into a four day ride and a desert race in on. The front half of the two headed monster, 950 KTM guy, and 690 KTM guy team raced the BITD Vegas to Reno a few years ago. These guys rip. Tired and smiling we pass through Wellington and get on Artesia Road then up and over Sunrise Pass. 950 KTM guy smells home and hits 6th. That is the last I see of him. We cut toward Mexican Dam along the Carson River. The two headed monster turns left and peels off. We get back to US HWY 50 on the east side of Carson City, KTM 690 and CRF450X go straight and I turn east. Good Times with good people. Could not have done it without the babes. Thank you babes.

Trip odometer had fun again.

Day four. Done.
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