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Indonesian Police

A few days ago I almost rammed a police patrol at good speed. I swerved to the shoulder, slammed on the brakes, and fishtailed over an empty fruit stand. If he didn't have his turn signal on it was 50% my fault. If he did have it on then it was 100% my fault. I prefer to believe he didn't. I didn't realize it was a cop until after I had come to a stop and was getting off the bike to 'chat' with the driver. There was a little internal sigh when I saw the emblem on his door. I checked my attitude, smiled, and walked over. He smiled back, gave my a hearty forearm grip shake and said 'Hati Hati' (caution). That was it. No yelling, no fine, no BS. Try that in any other country and see how it goes!

In reading other people's Indonesian trip reports, the police are usually not mentioned in a positive light.
And I should say that cops, in general, do not like me. There must be some sort of permanent disrespectful smirk on my face. It pisses them off from Florida to Frankfurt. In 4 months in Indonesia I've talked to the police ~4 times. I've never been singled out to be pulled over. Either they were stopping and checking everyone or I was doing something wrong. All my permits and licenses are up to date. Never had a problem. Never paid a bribe or fine. This despite occasionally going the wrong way down the street and other mishaps. Ditto for customs and immigration. There was a plain clothes cop that stopped to help us when our swing arm broke on Flores. I TRIED to give him something for his help and he wouldn't take it. I had palmed a note in my hand and tried to do the shake and pass. His hand RECOILED when he felt the money. I felt bad for even offering.

Maybe they like my smirk here! :)
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