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The New World I.10 – Saskatoon

We thank again the Murrays for all their hospitality and we get ready to hit the road. Bill, who is riding a Vstrom as well, accompanies us with his bike until we reach the tarmac. “That way, we can say that we rode together!”
I really hope that we will have the chance to continue our ride at some point.
We part with Bill and point Gunnar Westwards towards Saskatchewan. From now on, we will be doing a lot of miles each day. Or so we thought.
Right before leaving the farm, we received a message on CouchSurfing from Iulian, a fellow Romanian who was working in Saskatton. He read about us and he was inviting us to stay with him for a night. Right, let’s go!
The scenery was already typical. Few curves, crops as far as your eyes could see, some water ponds.
From time to time, we spot Orthodox churches, as a lot of Ukrainians live in this area.
Long roads and few towns. We start meeting more and more of these double trucks. They wouldn’t be too handy in an urban environment, but here, on the open straight roads, they can roam at will.
The view is still very nice. I decide I like the prairies. At least during the summer.
It was evening already when we were approaching Saskatoon, in Saskatchewan province.
Shines and not so much as thick clouds were following us just as we were entering the city. We find the house of our hosts just before rain starts. Iulian from Romania, Chris from Ireland , Melisa from Australia and Mark from the Philippines, all work for the same company and they share a nice house close to the center. We feel from the beginning very good with them and it doesn’t takes us long to decide we should stay another day.
We catch up on some sleeping, we put things together in our luggage and in the evening we get out for a walk.
We also get the chance to meet two fellow motorcyclists who just half a year before did the same journey as we are thinking to do: down all the way to Ushuaia, Argentina. Meeting with them was a very nice opportunity to shed some light on some aspects.
We continue our walk and we rejoin our hosts, by the river for an open air free swing dancing lesson. Who might have guessed that? Here, in the middle of Canada, we will get the chance to learn some Swing? And why not? Let’s dance!
Some of our spectators are very inquisitive.
We mind our business though. Or should I say our dance?
The evening came to a close with dinner back in our house and Spanish songs played by Chris.
The next day, Iulian woke up at 5 AM just to prepare for us a traditional Romanian dish. “For the road”. What else could we say? Guys, you are great!
Our hosts left for work at 7:30 AM and we hurried to leave in the same time, this time determined to make good progress on the road and maybe even pass Edmonton?
Little did we know that we will not get very far, as we were to get pull over and stopped for the day, 100 kilometers before reaching Edmonton. We were going to spend our night in a totally different place than expected. But all of this, in the next post. Stay tuned!
Written from Grande Prairie, at Country Roads camping.
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