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19 June 2012
Larantuka, Flores

The ferry to Kupang, Timor left today so I'm going to be hanging out for four days waiting for the next one. I decide to rough it a bit and choose a cheap hotel for $10/night. It's a bit...ummm...'austere'. Austere like no blanket, no pillow, and the mattress is firm and concave. Lonely Planet recommended though! There's also some sort of fumes that give me a wicked head ache. With visions of mysterious hotel deaths (seems to happen alot in Thailand) in my head I flee to some place better. Better as in less fumes but more cockroaches.

There is a cold water basin that you scoop a bucket in to and then pour over yourself to shower. It's a magnet for ants. WHEN there is water I'm washing in a frigid dead ant soup. They are small ants though and I just don't care anymore. This is the BEST hotel in town. I just try to keep them out of my hair. When they get in my coffee I drink them too. Months in Indonesia will do that to you, no point in fighting it. Soon I’ll be sleeping in a ball on the floor. See what happens when you go away Anna?

I like Larantuka about as much as Ende. Ya.... not much. Still lots of unwanted attention. It's annoying during the day (especially those damn kids that poked me with a stick. Seriously, a stick, like "what is it? I don't know, it's really white. Is it dangerous? Hey, poke it with that stick and see if it moves...". Also the guy at the pier that put his arm around my waist) but at night I feel super uncomfortable on the street alone. Even the friendly people are a bit menacing. Like those thuggish drunks on the street that wanted me to hang with them and weren't doing well with accepting "no".

With Anna away I get some female attention. Still, if 10 people tell me I'm handsome in a day, 9 of them are dudes. Damnit!

The beach here is a dump. Literally. Kids wade through the trash barefoot and shirtless. They don't care. Most here don't think anything of it. Living filthy is just normal. I can't get in to it. I throw a cigarette on the ground and feel guilty 10 steps later, coming back to pick it up. Not that it makes any difference.

I did meet one nice local guy. Or he met me. English teacher at the highschool. Took me home to meet his family, etc... Nice guy.

I'm gonna be happy to get on that ferry when it comes. I'm going to show at 6am just so there is no chance of missing it and being here longer. I hate sitting still.

This place gives me headaches but I dig the ramshackle tin roof look.

This place gives me headaches but I dig the ramshackle tin roof look.

Obviously there was no mirror in my hotel room.
In Larantuka 10% of the people that call me handsome are girls! That's a massive increase over previous cities!

Dump truck art.

Trash beach.

Trash beach.

The main street.

Vegetable stall on the main street.

Local English teacher.
I've noticed that people often happen to wear the most American piece of clothing they have when I'm coming over.

Driving pylons for a new pier.

I love the smell of fish in the morning (and noon and night)!

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