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Hyperpro front progressive springs and rear spring with 10W oil

Well I have purchased the F800GS few months back. I have done lots of bike tests before hand.
I have sold my DL1000 2003 and decided to get the F800GS.

1- DL1000 was 9 years old, no mechanical problems. BUt I wanted to move to a lighter and newer bike.
2- I am 99% solo riding. I do not need the 1000cc and the power anymore.

So I have the F800GS, great engine very lively, light and manovrable in the big city I live (12 million people lot and lots of traffic).
Does not have the same level of power as DL1000, which I kinda miss. I mean DL kept pulling until the red zone like mad.
F800GS is great on twisty roads, dirt and light offroad. Much more enduro style riding then the DL1000.
Engine is very economic. The fuel consumption is much lower then the 1000cc bikes.

Then it comes to this silly shocks BMW gave us. I mean the bike costs quite a bit over here.
ANd they should have given us better suspensions like KTM does with whitepower standart units.

On the highway the bike is just not rigth. There are vibrations whch are coming from the front. Nothing major but the ride is not smooth. The BMW authorised service blames the tires. Preivous owner had the bike sitting almost for a year. So the tires may have lost their homogenous structure. Because they were parked at the same position for a long time they may have permanent damage. Could be.
Offroad or better light offroad the bike does not smooth out the terrain as much as I have expected as well.

On my previous DL1000 I have replaced the standart front springs with progressive one after 5 years. It was about the time The originals were compressed due to the use. The replacement springs were much more thicker. I did notice the improvement after the installation.

Now I have purchased the front springs, rear spring and 10W oil from Hyperpro. The manufacturers product code is
F800GS (2011) SP-BM08-SSC009

The deicison was based on 3simple items,
1- I am not satisfied with orginal product ride quality,
2- Previously I had good experience with progressive springs (I belive from Wilbers)
3- The ADV community has good experience with Hyperpro solution.
ANd lucky me I had the money :) .

And my weight is 170pounds + gear and possible luggage during travels.

The price is 243EU including the VAT.

They are not installed yet. Local BMW service is trying to decide if a non standart part is OK to be put on the bike or not. Hımmm.
Well I am going to use my good old Suzuki mechanic to do the job anyway.

I am hoping next week they will be in place. I will report the results of the swap.

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