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Kicks following your wanderlust build Kubiak. Thanks for keeping the forum posted

I have been trying to read back through these many threads where your bike's progress was featured, in this case when the paint came of the lower frame rails. Wasn't it when you moved your side stand? Is that why you still us the lower rails, at least on the left side? Pardon again my asking, if this an old topic more than covered elsewhere, but I couldn't find my way back to the rail work and why. I've seen some 650's go without these lower rails, after relocating the only items they seem to serve: side stand, regulator, and stock bash plate. Now the new Husqvarna looks to be doing away with them as well. What's your take on removing these and any plans to follow suit, finding much needed ground clearance.

Mark S
yea i started by removing the stock skidplate since i do mostly easy trails, no rock crawling anymore. then noticed all the electrical stuff on the lower frame rails exposed so i cut the skidplate tabs off, kickstand safety switch plug gone since i disconnected it and tucked away the oxygen sensor wires behind the front frame rail. then i cut the kickstand mount off and rewelded it a few inches back and angled it down more so i could shorten the kickstand. i was wondering about removing the bottom rails alltogether but dont know how much stress they take. it would be nice if they were not needed but we need someone to try it first lol! i was also thinking on making the bottom rails straight across for more ground clearance too since the stock ones hang down so far. let me know if you find out more info on removing them all the way like the husqvarnas. thanks!
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