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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
I just got the actual order for training roadbooks from JCR, so it looks like the team will indeed be coming over for some fun and sun.

The routes Johnny selected (for those who have ridden some of these and remember) are Pahrump Loops (281mi, 452km), Pahrump-Jean Loop (226mi, 364km), Bishop-Dumont (316mi, 509km), Primmo (301mi, 487km).

Each of these routes are almost entirely dirt, with little or no liaison. Average high temperature for Pahrump in August is 100F, 38C, yikes!

On the Bishop-Dumont day they'll hit a high altitude of 9636ft (2937m), and a low altitude of -213ft (-65m) BELOW sea level in Death Valley, all in about a 2 to 3 hour period. That should be a good stress test on the bikes and riders!
Great news Scott
I'm curious to know just how many roadbooks were ordered. Surely there will be support along for the ride, but will there be some youngsters along for training?
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