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A buzzy two stroke probably wouldnt be as buzzy as the kx550 or the cr500 after 3 or 4 hours of riding.
Just a guess though. The extra gear would help keep it in the powerband with less gap in each of the steps

That GAS GAS would be awesome but I'm looking for something cheaper with alot better parts availability.

Did some looking at the kdx200 & 220 but being based on a kx125 engine doing a big bore to get it to 240 seems like a reliability mess. Also coming from riding 500's I dont want a gutless wonder so I'll probably need to big bore the 250 anyway. Just need something that doesnt beat me up "quite" as bad

I might just be better off trying a 2003-04 yz250 & doing the wide ratio trans off of a wr400/426. I'm thinking that the general idea of using the wr 4 & 5th is the wrong direction though as that widens the gap in the ratio's in the higher speeds where you dont have as much power to bridge the gaps, but you could gear the sprokets higher to get the top speed up there. Here's the ratio splits between the 2

YZ ratios are as follows:

1st 27/14 (1.929)
2nd 25/16 (1.563)
3rd 23/18 (1.278)
4th 24/22 (1.091)
5th 20/21 (0.952)

1st 29/12(2.416)
2nd 26/15(1.733)
3rd 21/16(1.312)
4th 21/20(1.050)
5th 21/25(0.840)

This is all IF I can get a fair price out of the 550. Just got it built & aint gonna give it away but building them is alot of fun creating a form of art
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