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The New World I.11 Ė Unexpected stop

As I was mentioning in the last post, we were very determined to make good progress the next day. So we leave the house at 7:30 in the morning but, after the gravel roads in Manitova, we needed to do two things before exiting Saskatoon: clean the bike and clean the chain. So first we look around for a car wash. Seems that here in Canada a lot of them are self service. So letís go to work!
Then we look for chain cleaner in 2 motorcycle stores. First one didnít have it. In second one they didnít know they had it. So by the time we are done with cleaning and lubing the chain itís already 10. Good start for the day when we wanted to make a lot of miles.
We take the route to Edmonton and the scenery is similar with what we left behind 2 days ago: plains, crops, and some blue sky.
At some point last week Andreea made some add-ons for the moto suits, which was visible quite nice in the mirror.
When we left ther restaurant I decided to put on the winter gloves (yes, it was that cold) and I manage to forget to close the tankbag. So after a few meters on the highway, things start flying from the bike. Itís a divided two way so I can not turn back. So Andreea makes a run for it and manages to save my summer gloves.
We press on and, just 60 miles short of Edomonton something strange happens. We just pass an oil truck and the guy signals us. I presume he is just saying hi so I wave back. He signals again then pass me and makes gestures for me to pull over. OKÖ I wonder what that could be about? So I pull over. He does the same. It turns out this guy, Lucian, is a romanian living in Canada for 6 years now. He was so surprised seeing Romanian license plates that he had to stop us and ask whatís that all about.
We tell him our story and we take a picture together.
He ask where are we heading today. We respond that we planned to visit a small village called Boian, where Romanian settlers came in 1898. He says ďIím done for today with work. Follow me to my home, Iíll park my truck then Iíll take you to BoianĒ.
So we do that, meet Lucianís family and we end up going together to Boian.
The story goes that Romanian settlers firt came here in 1989, when there was no Alberta yet but just Rupertís Land. Canadian government gave them land (10$ for 160 acres) and they instead dried the marshlands and started agriculture work.
We take another photo with our national costumes, in front of the old church.
It was an unexpected end of the day. We were planning to go past Edmonton but we ended up 60 miles short, but with great company and with new friends.
Thank you!
Writen from within a mosquito swarm, somewhere on Alaska highway.
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