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Originally Posted by markymcd View Post
I know it's an odd combo but 18 / 44 works really well.

the 18 is very hard to find and a bitch to get on because it's just a tad too big for the space up there but i've used this combo for about a month now and love it. You get the versatility to put a 17 on for your off road adventures.

so far i've tried 17/41 (stock) 16/41, 17/42, 16/42 and now 18/44

You're a better man than I am I'm pretty sure that at least with some of those combinations if someone sneaked into my garage and made them I'm not sure I would notice the difference ... I'm just not that good at fine detail....

41/17 is 2.41

42/17 is 2.47

44/18 is 2.44

My sprockets are almost due for a change so it's a good time for me to try something else...
What were the differences you felt across these changes?

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