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Originally Posted by Johnnyboxer View Post
I think the OP wants to to reduce the revs, for a given mph on the highway

He's not at all interested in offroad as he never ventures off tarmac, so lowering the gearing is of no interest

So he's considering fitting 17/40 or 39 to reduce the revs & so vibes at say 70 or 80mph

Would this work?
the 18/44 is slightly slacker than the stock for the 650 twin. When I first installed this combo it was for a 3 day trip. 1,300KM with 800 of it on gravel, dirt and double track. on our second day which was more technical I was going to swap out the 18 for my 17 but couldn't get the 18 off. Thought it was going to be a crappy day as I remember the original stock ratio not being great for off road but it was just fine.

with the 18/44 it was pretty rare that I even had to get into 6th gear. I think it might be my favourite overall combo yet.

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