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Originally Posted by Reino View Post
I am well aware of the differences regarding 2t and 4t. As i have explained in my first post, I am scrapping my cdi with a programmable unit.

I am not going to stop at the ignition side. Also having access to a dyno is not a problem for me.

This is going to be a long term project (3 or 4 years).
If you are serious then I would suggest you look for an ignition system with sensor inputs for both heat and pressure, and remember that about 95% of manufacturer claims about programmable CDI units are BS.

For full 3D map you will need a 12v DC control unit, and in most cases some sort of toothed wheel ignition trigger wheel, so the control unit knows the exact engine position at any given time.

In regard to 2T applications its worth remembering that any system without pressure/heat sensor inputs, will mean that a map which makes very good power on one day, may well burn a piston the next.

This is the main reason OE 2T ignitions have pretty conservative settings, and why someone who doesnt know what they are doing can very easily destroy motors with systems that can actually be mapped.
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