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Originally Posted by deeznuts View Post
I am new to this whole thing and looking to get my first bike. I have been in love with the 800GS and have found my self wanting a Tiger 800XC.
Which bike is cheaper and costs less to maintain. I am also curious about accessories and cost of those as well.
I would really like to hear the pros and cons to both bike from experts like you all.........
Please... don't start this again !

Like all bikes it depends on what the rider needs and wants. Personally I just don't get on with the Tiger XC at all. I much prefer the engine in the GS. The Tiger has more top end, but only over 8,000 RPM, with a few simple mods the GS has a lot better pull down low, and the gear ratios (too close on the GS) are ridiculous on the Tiger with too tall a first gear and too low a top gear. The GS has better fuel economy, more offroad orientated geometry, more farkles, more ground clearance and a bolt on subframe. Supposedly the 800GS is cheaper to service as the Triumph has 50% more valves and spark plugs and it's harder to get at them.

The worst thing about the GS is the suspension ... particularly the front, do something with this and a few other things and you have a great all round bike. If you want a more road orientated bike the XC could be for you. I'm not anti Triumph .. I like the 1200 Explorer, I just dont get on with it's little brother. You should test ride them both ... we all like different things (luckily!).
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