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Originally Posted by Daytonacharlie View Post
You guys are awesome! Fantastic report that just gets better and better. The photos are excellent too and gives us sitting at our computers a window into a world most will never see, thanks!!!

Love the flowers on your bike,
thanks dc. i have been on the computer side of a lot of RR - i have to say, i am loving being on the riding side! thanks for the encouragement and believe me when i say that kristen left the flowers on the bike until they finally flew off... in fact, i'm pretty sure we still have some hanging off the back...

Originally Posted by ooweel View Post
What is with the Pink Eared LlAMA?
i really wish i knew, i'm assuming that it has something to do with differentiating herds from each other? all i know is that Kristen is getting some ideas for our dog, bacon, that i don't think he is going to appreciate...

Originally Posted by HeyWhatever View Post
Just found the thread. You guys are sure having a blast! Will have to take an evening to go back through the thread. I like how the "lack of Spanish" was used to your advantage!!!
you are quite correct. i think we're hooked for life now. and the whole "lack of spanish" act isn't oscar-worthy mainly because it isn't much of an act!

Originally Posted by Honkey Cat View Post
as always great write up, thanks for the time and effort.
the pleasure is always on this end...

Originally Posted by JonnyCinco View Post
Sweet deal! Found them just by the lyrics a few days ago and dl'd their album. thanks! keep on rr'n
i just listened through one of their albums on the road yesterday. really, really like "doomsday and the echo" - good rock. good riding music, actually...

Originally Posted by JonnyCinco View Post
Awesome! Did you do a spanish immersion course? or just found a private tutor? I have been looking into week long spanish immersion courses...

because we lived in san antonio, there were a lot of places to choose from. we decided to go with a language school (they teach a lot besides spanish) and a private tutor. it was perfect for us because we only had a couple of weeks and we told her exactly what we wanted to learn (how to get a hotel, how to go through borders, how to bribe cops, etc). it was always great because she was bolivian and had a lot of good advice. i would definitely recommend it before coming down here - you don't NEED it, it's easy enough to act out stuff, but it has definitely made our experience better.

Originally Posted by troyfromtexas View Post
I can't believe that I missed you guys in Sucre. I was at the push cart race too. I probably walked right by you. Enjoy your travels. I'm in Paraguay now.
i am literally ashamed by this news. texans on the other side of the world at the same push cart race - how did we miss you!? hope things are well on your end. we're in peru at the moment, should be crossing to ecuador within the next couple days.

Originally Posted by GSF1200S View Post

Originally Posted by cmaridersa View Post
Matt, today I went to Sealy Cycle Service and met two folks you know, Malcolm and Darren. Darren told me about the continuation of the ural repair there a couple of years ago --- I never had a clue . . .

Anyway, I sent both of them the links to this thread and to the blog so maybe you'll be hearing from them soon.

Take care.
No hablo . . .
malcolm and darren are two really quality guys - i lost their card at some point and lost the chance to fill them in on what we were doing. thanks for passing that along...

the whole ural thing ended up being user error, i think. holing a piston is not an easy thing to do!

good to hear from you, sir! whenever we get back to USA we really need to meet up so you can check out our rig. i believe i owe you a burger or two for the advice you've given...

Originally Posted by Frey Bentos View Post
RE the bribeable cops. What is it about law enforcement that attracts scumbags, lowlifes and ne'er do wells to it?

Keep on truckin' you two. A great read.
Originally Posted by prsdrat View Post
POWER Frey Bentos, POWER!
Originally Posted by Frey Bentos View Post
I suppose i answered my own question as i wrote it........
power, for sure, but i think the root of it is cold, hard $$$ . unfortunately, our cop problems are nowhere near an end. more on that soon...
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