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Mmmm 2012

MMMM 2012 - Friday

After issues getting annual leave from work (at the last minute), I managed to negotiate Friday & Monday off.

MarkS bailed on the ride up to Napier. No matter, it just gave me more flexibility. Was scheduled to leave here at 8.00am, but actually left at 9.00.

I completely filled Gus's gas tank before leaving, to check the fuel consumption. Took 40 litres from what was in reserve.

Over Rimutaka’s, for coffee at Martinborough. Then past Gladstone right at Te Wharua Rd, & link to Kaiwhata / Homewood Rd, through the forestry (logging truck signage out) & out to Riversdale Beach. Loved that section – haven’t been on that road since the early 90’s.

Homewood Road, Wairarapa

Amazing the grip that a new set of tyres gives too, even at road pressures. But at Riversdale beach the sand was too soft to give any chance of an extended blast, so stopped nr the camp & had lunch (roast beef, edam & relish sarnies).

Linked across to Tinui, & out to Castlehill Rd. More logging truck signage out, & this time caught a grader at work, which changed the traction dynamic somewhat. Linked to Route 52, the left at Pori Rd, to ride some ridgelines, through to Connor, Waitahora, & coffee at Maccas at Dannevegas.

Pori Rd, Waiararapa

Originally the plan was to link across to Blackhead beach again, but given the black clouds that way, & the time , decided to forego that, & leg it up to Napier.

Not too impressive fuel consumption – 12.3km/l for the 477kms (?) traveled.

Overnighted at Westshore, subway for dinner, grabbed some rolls for breakfast. It was drizzling on & off all night.

MMMM 2012 – Saturday

Bart & Wade showed at 6.45am. I wasn’t quite ready – but Bart had said 7.00am, then changed things after I left, so…Missed the rest of the Hawkes Bay riders by not much – caught them on the road. Not too chilly through to Mohaka, started getting frosty after Tarawera.

DRGirl, ?, Pomgolian

Photo courtesy of Bart

We’d decided to meet the main MMMM group at Pohokura Rd.

Pohokura Rd. Photo courtesy of Night Falcon

I missed that given an urgent need to find some shrubbery (too early in the morning for me). I re-emerged to see Rosie (tail end Charlie) cruise on past. Caught her, & then latched onto Jatz, on his new GS. Very nice. I nearly spoiled the ‘new owner bliss’ for him, when he slowed on an icy patch. I didn’t realize until too late, & nearly slid into him, slightly sideways..

I’ve always enjoyed the forestry section. Bottomed out on a couple of unexpected erosion ruts.

Gerard crashed his modified R1100GS part way through – front end wash out (cruising at 100+kms in 6th gear). That was about 10.00am. He kept riding, but needed help getting his helmet on & off, & I could see his shoulder was slumped on the right side. He finished the Lake Waikaremoana ride, and then rode back to Palmerston North. He finally went to A&E at 7.00pm, & they found he had broken his collarbone in three places. Hard man.

See how well some fluro gear is allowing you to identify people. Fluro pink - Rosie. Fluro yellow helmet - Night Falcon. Wincing with pain, & looking uncomfortable with no visor - GSer...

This year Clint had organized a challenge loop near the Minginui end. He mentioned a greasy rutty up hill. Given Gus wasn’t running particularly well & doesn’t like ruts, I decided to forego it. Chris’s photos probably captures the moment.

Photos courtesy of Chris Whitehead

The road down to Lake Waikaremoana was in pretty good condition, well swept, & no particular ruts. Not a lot of wandering stock this year. At one of Maori communities we came across a heap of people standing on the road (we later decided they were waiting to be welcomed onto the Marae).

Hopuruahine Bridge

Concerning how much this bridge moves around with just bike traffic over it...



There was a fairly massive queue waiting for gas at Lake Waikaremoana. Not really an issue for me. Got to be some payoff for the weight penalty...

Another grader after Lake Waikaremoana. I think he was supposed to do the hill near the Dam but got carried away. It appeared to me that he was making the road worser.

I decided not to do the extra sections Clint had scheduled. In past MMMM’s I’ve found the late afternoon gravel a ‘bridge too far’. Instead I popped into Wairoa for a quick pie & coffee (& put in 15 l’s of fuel to ensure I had gas adequate to Opotiki). Just as an aside, when I was gassing up, a concerned XR Jonny visited, worried as to what the cops on the bridge were doing. How long did you wait there Jonny? I buggered off & followed the Tiniroto road to it’s logical conclusion, & up Route 2 to the Matawai Hotel by about 4.00pm.

Photo courtesy of Pomgolian

Once my bed was sorted, I decided to sort out a couple of niggling issues on Gus. I found that the gearbox bolt (that was supposed to be holding on the airbox) was actually lounging around in a pool of hot gearbox oil at the bottom of the airbox. I hope it enjoyed its oil bath, because next time that sucker is getting loctited in place. The oil baths are all well & good, but they make a hell of a mess.

I also tweaked the choke eliminators. The drop from the adjusters to the choke is not perpendicular - & with a minor amount of vibration, the (left in particular) choke kept turning itself on. This probably accounts for the poor fuel consumption figures. But helped with the way the bike was running - lean.

Gus has been running poorly all trip. Testing at Wellington suggested that we’d be okay this trip, but some jetting attention was needed. By Matawai I decided to just jump in & try to fix things. I decided to raise the jet needles one notch to help richen the mixture. Well it was getting dark, everyone was coming back from the ride, & well, I stuffed it up, & went leaner. I blame tiredness. So I had to tear it all apart again (by torchlight) & try again. Unfortunately that didn’t resolve things, so I packed up & left it for the morning.

Photo courtesy of ShewolfNZ

MMMM 2012 Day Three:

In the morning I put everything back to the way it was, & it still wouldn’t run right. A plug chop showed the right cylinder was seriously rich. So I replaced the plug, checked the plug lead & coil connections – nothing. Pulled the carb diaphragm to check for tears – possible, given that I’d pulled this at night – and found I’ve put the diaphragm in backward. Numb-nuts. Put everything back together, & it ran like it did all the way from Wellington. So the moral of the story is…

By the time I sorted my shit out, everyone had left. So Jonny-no-mates rode out to conquer the Motu by himself. Actually, the delay had given the worst of the mist time to clear, & the day to brighten.

Looking back at the Motu township. Photo by Chris

Stopped part way thru’ to take a couple of photos, & discovered the tail & brake lights had gone out. Decided to investigate why – and the group (who had taken a detour) decided to turn up right at the moment. I am sure left unchecked, Gus would have developed a reputation for unreliability…so I pretended it was a photo opportunity...


That Looks Like Fun

Lunch stop at Opotiki. Decided to ride with Pomgolian back thru Murupara, Minginui, thru the Forestry section, and back to Napier. The ride thru forestry this time was considerably faster than the Saturday morning cruise.


Near Galatea we passed a run down house. A 3 or 4 yr old kid raced out to beside the road. I expected a wave. I got the ADV salute instead.. You have to wonder how he'll grow up, & what sort of attitude his parents are instilling in him.

Parted with Pomgolian at Supercheap Napier, after I replaced the tail light (GS’s have a reputation for eating these), then geared up for a night ride back to Wellington. Stopped at Dannevegas for Maccas, otherwise it was a straight ride home. Back at 9.15pm.

1591.1kms for the weekend. 22.13 hrs ride time, so that averages 530.3km/day, & 7.37hrs per day. Fuel consumption to Napier 104.14 litres, 1282.5kms, so 12.2km/l . Gus has a drinking problem.... Total costs for the weekend $652, excluding drinks at Matawai (paid in cash).
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