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Hey guys, great RR. I wandered over here from the HUBB and you're right....RRs do get a lot more attention here.

Hope you're beginning to feel more settled. I can only imagine what it must be like to stop and stay in one place after the journey you've been on. Thing I notice from RTWers is that they make friends along the way, or they find places they really love and in the end it turns out that they've kind of "globalized" themselves to the point where their great friends and memories are spread all around the world.

Thanks again for an epic RR on an epic ride. Lessee, you guys did it on little bitty Symbas, rtwdoug did it on a chopper, and those two wild and crazy Norwegian dudes did it on a pair of 1937 Nimbuses w/ sidecars, therefore, I think between the three of you , or is that the 5 of you, you've proved "the bike doesn't matter!!!"
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