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We decided to avoid the circus of the valley for the moment and find a campsite for the next two days so we could explore the area without having to pick up camp each day. As luck would have it, we pulled off onto a road with signs exclaiming "rough road next 5 miles". I like it already.

10 seconds in and this was the best dual sport road we'd ever ridden. Rough pavement gave way to broken asphalt with long sections of sand and gravel. We wound in and around trees right up to the edge of the one lane road piling on more and more speed untli the road curved left and looked as though it dropped away to nothing... I hit the brakes and had to stop to take in the view. We could see forever into the valley below us - pausing for some photos I dropped back in to first and rolled off, decending further into the valley.

We kept pushing the bikes harder and harder for a few miles, eventually I had to back off after bottoming the front end a few too many times. In fact, the lack-lustre front end seemed to be the only limiting factor for the Bimmer on the entire trip.

Slowing as I entered the campsite I was amazed at the number of low-clearance cars that must have scraped and bumped down that road to get here. River rock dumped into soft spots and a giant log bridge over the river made up the recently rebuilt road through the campsite. Scanning as we cruised slowly through, eventually we spotted the perfect campsite by the river.

We scored a great spot opposite a rock bluff complete with a rock pool built in the river by previous campers. Camp was made quickly and we saddled up for the evening trip down into the valley.

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