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I was temporarily off the Blue Ridge Trail roads as my route took me generally north on pavement instead of southeast on gravel. I had been on those BRT gravel roads before, so this time I had something else in mind. Sweedlin Valley runs northwest to Ft.Seybert where I turned north on Siple Mountain Road, a lane and a half to start through woodland as you climb the mountain. This road is a connector between 220 and 33, so I knew enough to stay on my toes, sure enough, I nearly get run off the road by a Corolla, damn char-pei at the wheel. Ok, might have been a disguise, who knows, but that doggy lookin’ thing sure got my attention.

The road runs almost due north as it transitions to Kiser Gap, then northwest on Schmucker, woodland gave way to hay and cattle, small farms in a pastoral setting. You’re allowed to wear a cowboy hat in West Virginia, some of those places might have been ranches.

This was a good bike road, heck, if ya played with matches and ran around with scissors back when you were knee high to a short frog, you’d love it. Roller coaster grades free of charge, doesn’t mean I’m implying reckless abandon, but doesn’t mean I’m saying that you should sample life with one of those little measuring spoons in the kitchen drawer either.

Stopped for a photo and drew a curious crowd of one…say cheese. I swear I got that cow to smile.

Pastures in good shape after a dry winter and spring, should be cutting hay soon.

I was finally up to 220, cut a short distance over to Smoke Hole, then north along the river. Water was very low, a couple determined fishermen still working the remaining pools and swifts.

I stopped at rock formations along the road, couldn’t resist. I don’t know when this road was pushed through or improved, many were WPA projects from way back. I sat on the bike looking at them rocks, subtle, existential, subliminal, thought vapors drifting…how do you say that in French.

I was getting nowhere stopped on the side playing with the camera, and I was a long way from where I wanted to camp, gotta get going. Tucked the camera away so I wouldn’t be tempted, and half a mile up the road I found a deer standing in a glassy smooth pool on the edge of the river…picture postcard, no camera, I’m reminded of my inauspicious motophoto career. Any interesting results I manage to get are mostly the result of pure accident.

A quick run up to 28, and I stopped one last time for a shot at the river.

The road wouldn’t be that much fun with a lot of traffic, but today I only saw two vehicles between 220 and 28, not bad at all, could be one of them there anomalies, just guessin’.

(to be continued…)

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