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Red. I had the vacuum suck on my F8 once and traced it down myself. The vent tube runs along under the seat to the back, crossing over and running down the rear left side. I found a connection right at the back whick may or may not have been a check valve, don't remember. That could be the source of the plug. Mine was actually a mud wasp that had actually decided to make a nest in the exit tube. Cleaned out and problem solved. My venting is now working great, having run it straight down from the tank. Left the check valve in until I get an answer as to if I really need it but for now it is working fine. The easy fix for you is to just pop the tank between fillings. always, I owe you big time and can't thank the bunch of you enough. It must be the air cause they make good people in the Kootenays. And, no truer words on the changing direction thang.
I had opted for an early arrival at Bubba's to solve my "Big Girl" teething problems. Yes, I found a name for her. I've decided to stop calling her Whore or Big Whore for a while as I am truly falling in love once again (good to see it can still happen in the "twilight years"). Over that night and thru the morning I stripped her out of her dress and probed her innards to pull out those pesky snakes that had plagued her. Simple rerouting of the vent tubes straight down from the tank to the center stand I think has taken care of the pressure problem. I left the check valve in altho Jim was asking what and I guess I'm asking the same question. But I do like the little moan she gives every once in a while to expel gas. But, all seems well for now.
This did give me pause about my planned Alaska route tho and after checking out Guzzi technical support and availability I have decided to err on the side of caution, for now, and leave the Alaskan side of the tour for the way back.
The new mosying plan is to head up the rockies via Banff and Jasper, then down the eastern side to find the best high roads all the way down to Colorado where I will turn east to Ontario to connect with some long lost relatives and then on to connect to the original plan.
But, back to Bubbas.

Ferry ride there was accompanied by these gals on those big, noisy things.

And some Bandit riders from my neck of the woods.
People were arriving at Bubbas on all types of road bikes. Turned out to be a good crowd.

Isn't it so much better to go to an event where there is twenty or thirty people and not 50000?
Friday evening was the great refreshment, Borscht, bbq'd local sausages and Kootenany's fantastic pulled pork.

Had a great ride on Saturday around all those fantastic Kootenay roads and then headed out to Aman's Cabin on the lake.

Our gracious hosts with the damned cutest granddaughter (how the Hell did that happen, Dave?)

Set up the tents right by Arrow Lake as usual.

And enjoyed good talk, good bevvies and and a kickass bbq steak and beans dinner (Ralphy, those beans were the best but it took a day or two for anyone to even want to come close to me again. Totally worth it, dude.)

Sunday morning we all said our goodbyes, sniff, and headed out to our many different corners.
Had to stop for some local residents on the way out but Big Girl had a couple of words and they climbed back up the cliff nicely.

My day's ride took me on and past Cranbrook at 130 to 140kph on average without so much as a whisper of a complaint from BG. She seems to love this 5000rpm range best and I am happy to oblige.
Onward and upward today and most likely off the grid again.
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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