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no speedometer...

hey all, while out riding the other day on my '11 Adv R, all street in pretty hot conditions, my speedo suddenly stopped working. I've never taken the wheel off, until today. I am getting ready for a trip and leaving on aug 5th so am getting new rubber. I have 8k km. And now this problem presents itself!

I've checked the fuse (glovebox ones). All ok.

I've checked the speedo connector and sprayed it with electrical spray for any oxidation. Nothing.

I've checked the magnet at the other end of the speedo wire, cleaned it up. Nothing.

I've taken the speedo wire completely off and inspected it, looks perfectly fine.

While taking the off the speedo wire, I noticed a second wire, that is connected with a small white connector (not as big as the speedo connector) up behind the headlight along with all the other bike wires, and from here it runs ziptied, down along with the speedo wire down along the left brake line. While the speedo wire goes down and the magnet is screwed to fork, this second wire suddently stops just below the lower triple clamp It's literally a dead end wire. What is this for, is it for those with ABS? Also, the end of this wire looks like it could be a little damaged.

Unfortunately I "may not post attachments" otherwise I would post some pics.

Almost forgot, this morning when i first got on the bike the speedo worked, well sort of, I saw a 6km then back to zero. Done, nothing more.

Along with the speedo the odometer does not work. Everything else, highbeam, horn, lights, blinkers all work.

I am hoping to resolve this before I leave for my trip around Mt. Blanc/Val d'Isere!

Anyone have any suggestions I am going crazy!!!

Should I just go buy a new speedo wire and hope that is it? I also don't know how to test the one I do have...

2011 Adventure R
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