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A bit less sand on this road didn't quicken our pace much, it was replaced by good sized rocks that rolled around like marbles under the tires. Still, we made good time towards the lake blasting the straight sections and carrying as much speed as possible throught the switchbacks that dropped down into the valleys eroded by many years of runoff from the mountains.

Cruising down a straightaway we passed a sign that read "Flooding ahead". Not thinking too much of it because of the dry weather, I rounded a corner obscured by some low trees that really should have clued me in. I stopped, took a second look and just went for it. Dropping into the rocky river in first gear I became quite surprised as water started splashing up onto the windshield after the front tire was submerged. I emerged on the other side dry enough and turned around to catch a glimpse of Bernie looking skeptically at the river before nosing in himself, a bit further upstream.

Watching Shawn easily negotiate the river and emerge dry, the three of us headed down the old test site road (named why?) past abandoned buildings and some inhabited buildings that probably should have been abandoned long ago.

A small sandy track split off from the main road and after a pause to let Shawn and Bernie catch up, I turned off to see where it would bring us.

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