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We all quickly realized that this sand was SOFT. I let my front tire wander into the center of the two track and just about lost it right there - a little bit of spinning and I got both tires back onto the firmer edge of the trail. Riding the edge was complicated further by the misquite bushes encroaching on the trail. Concious of getting stuck by thorns, I put one hand guard in the bushes and was glad I had on tough gear.

Behind, Bernie's side bags did a great job of taking out most of the encroaching bush so Shawn probably had the easiest run of it. Dropping down a little hill as the trail curved right we ended up in a dead end spot and found a firm place to drop the sidestand.

Midday in the high desert (sagebrush?) the heat was getting pretty intense so it was a good time for a break to explore a little bit - we started making our way to the shoreline.

Shortly it became clear it would not be as easy as heading in the general direction. What appeared to be low brush quickly grew taller than all of us obscuring our view and turning into a maze of sand, brush, and TUFA. (see

These formations of calcium carbonate were quite remarkabale and now completely blocking us from getting to the lake shore. Decicing not to burn anymore daylight trying, we backtracked and decided to ride a bit further down the lake to what appeared to be a good place to walk around.

Lifting the sidestand from the soft sand, I thought this little hill could get a bit interesting...

A little spin and no drama, I was up and around the corner to watching the others. Bernie was next - about halfway up his front tire ended up in the soft sand and the rear just dug itself in right there. One more try to get it out and he was up to the frame. Shawn came running up the hill to help while I sat and snapped a few photos like a true friend.

I arrived on the scene just in time to watch Shawn and Bernie muscle the whole back end of the bike up out of the hole and off to the side. A bit more spin to get some bite and Bernie was back up on to the level trail. Shawn tractored up on the DR with no issue and we cautiously made our way to the road.

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