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Curious did you run or have you plans to run TKC's with the 21/18 setup?
Currently I am running the TKC front with a Heideneau K60 rear and am really happy with the feel
Solid predictable wet/dry street feel and tractable enough in the dirt for now. Even at street pressures.
Haven't done enough dirt with this to have a sound opinion but with the TKC'S front/rear I have and found them to be very predictable in all terrain.
I ageee with the MT21. That was the first front I ran and it worked well but you sure could feel it at the limits when riding hard. It also was chewed through in no time...
I am still running the 21/17 setup but am leaning towards the 18 when I have Woody relace this rear end of the year.
I agree the ride height takes some getting used to but honestly it still feels pretty balanced to me.
Course I am certainly not the rider you are so hell it could have square wheels and I might still like it
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