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I kinda like the denfield police seats. I've never sat on one, so can't comment on the comfort, but I like the fact that they're a little longer than most solo seats and give you a little more scooting around space. Kind of a solo-and-a-half seat.
I've got one on my 90/6. I love it. Touring seat par excellence. They definitely are a solo-and-a-bit seat allowing a bit of a shift around on long rides. Compared to the solo seat on my G/S, the denfield seat is more a a seat you sit in, rather than something you straddle over- but being nice and flat you can slide around a bit and don't get locked into position or anything.
Comfortable and look just right to my eyes.

I wish someone made a foam moulding for it though. I re-foamed mine myself and although it is comfortable still for me, it is pretty clapped out already- I used foam that just isn't going to last too long. Next time I might try buying one of the G/S single seat foam mouldings from siebenrock, and then trim it and add on to it in order to get it to fit the denfield pan and cover.
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