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Originally Posted by sion View Post
sure it is...just run your engine very hard when its dangerously low on oil and voila:

holed piston
check out this beauty:

Originally Posted by Roadracer_Al View Post
Aah, yes, corruption. One of my least favorite aspects of traveling or living abroad. I've always wondered if it's just the Americans that are targeted. My family left Ireland a generation too early, otherwise I'd have an Irish passport -- I have it on good authority that it does make traveling in Europe easier and nicer.

That, and food poisoning.

We had more than our fill of both when living in Mongolia. I got poisoned bad at a chi chi (relatively speaking) Italian restaurant. I thought the soup was just waaay too salty, I didn't realize that they were masking the flavor of meat that had gone savage. I was sweating & hurling & shivering so bad I pulled muscles in my back.
i think in our case, the fact that we're light skinned and riding a BMW puts a huge target on our backs. i'm actually okay with it. it's a bit of a hassle but it's pretty funny to act in front of the cops. for the most part, it's been light-hearted on both our part and theirs. all part of the adventure of traveling abroad.

your food poisoning bout sounds pretty wicked. ours was not that bad this time - only out one end, if you know what i mean. i have, in the past, had something similar to what you describe - in college, i had the misfortune of eating some frozen shrimp that had thawed and refrozen...

Originally Posted by ClifNotes View Post
i can see the same photos over and over again - and feels like i'm seeing them for the first time, every time.

how did you finance the trip? did you invent google? mark zuckerberg's right hand man?

i financed my gtl on the alaska trip with credit... so i'm looking for a job now to make that money in time for my monthly payments!
thanks man!

i actually invented the internet. i don't know if you've heard of it but it's kind of a big deal...

Originally Posted by Frey Bentos View Post
Slight thread hi jack. Irish passports DO help. I was busted for a traffic offence in france a year or two back. Three surley looking blokes in a squad car escorted me to a garage forecourt to give me a bollocking. They said 'EEEnglish' with the same feeling behind it as saying 'peeeeeg-dog'. I climbed on my moral high horse and said with utmost disgust, 'No, Ireland' And waved the passport under their noses. 5 minutes later we were all friends and talking about U2. /thread drift.
Carry on.
well i guess i know what i need to do - try out for U2?

Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
Matt, I noticed an aluminum box between the bike and the tub, it houses a car battery right? Could you please tell me more about this set up? Does it completely replace the bike battery, or is it wired in parallel? Why did you choose to do this, and does it work (would you do it again)? Any issues with this set up?
Yeah, it's a car battery that has completely replaced the bike battery. i think we could have gotten away with just sticking with the original but there were enough aux lights and additional electronics that it just made sense. it turns out that the first auto battery went bad for some reason - i don't know if the bike's alternator just can't keep up but it completely died on us. the new one we have seems to be doing well but i guess time will tell. my only real beef with the setup is that it's a bit low on the rig - a couple of water crossings we've been through have gotten a little too close for comfort.
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