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Originally Posted by mightymatt43 View Post
check out this beauty:

it turns out that the first auto battery went bad for some reason - i don't know if the bike's alternator just can't keep up but it completely died on us. the new one we have seems to be doing well but i guess time will tell. my only real beef with the setup is that it's a bit low on the rig - a couple of water crossings we've been through have gotten a little too close for comfort.

damn, you got me beat on that really did a number on that puppy...did ya have other internal damage?

as for your battery issue, I'd be willing to bet that BigBoi's alternator just doesnt have quite enough oomph for all the lights plus keeping the battery charged. You might consider a deep cycle (aka marine) battery, which are designed to be fully discharged without it killing the battery the way a normal car battery does. As far as the water crossings go, as long as the battery is sealed properly, I dont think it'll be much of a problem.

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