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Last day in BC......heading to Yukon

Everything is damp. My ass is sore The mosquitos are worse than anyone had warned me and I am still a couple of days away from Alaska.
Right now I am sitting in my tent in the middle of nowhere. It is raining outside. And I miss my GF. I have been traveling for almost 3 weeks now and I knew this part would be the test. I am about 250 miles north-west of Prince George. The ride was long and kind of boring. But I think from here it will get more interesting.
Yesterday, I changed the oil in my bike on my own. It was a snap. Today I did my laundry. Things like this really cut in to the fun but nonetheless, it all needs to get done. Sometime soon I need to put on the new front tire that I have been lugging around for the past 3700 miles……God I can’t wait to get rid of that tire!!!!!!
But the thing that keeps me going is the thought that tomorrow will be a new day to discover whatever is in store for me. I am not sure where I will be tomorrow. I am not sure what I am going to do (besides put on lots of miles). If I see something interesting, I will stop and check it out. But I don’t think there is much until Whitehorse.
I have seen many other people heading south on motorcycles. I wonder what their experience was like. I wonder where they went. I wonder if they are damp and can’t get dry. But I see a lot of bikes in front of hotels as I cruise by so they probably get to dry out at the end of the day. LUXURY! Are there that many people doing the same thing that I am doing? I am not sure. But where ever I go, whether it be the gas station or rest stop, people come over and ask about my trip and check out the bike. And my bike is the best equipped bike I have seen so far. Of course I have seen Goldwings pulling trailers with more stuff than I but I think I have a good balance…….just the right amount and all the good stuff.
Ok, it’s past 11 pm now. I need to get up early and put in a lot of miles tomorrow. Hey, it stopped raining. I hope the sun greets me tomorrow morning and shines on me all day…….that way maybe I can dry out all my stuff.
Good night
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