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Originally Posted by J Lewis View Post
One correction to the above is that the wheelbase does not change with the 21/18 set, but it feels like it does (gets slightly longer) and the seat height goes up just a bit. I did not measure the increase but I could tell. The bike does lean over just a little farther on the side stand but not enough for concern.


hi folks,,just got home safe n sound from a 3 month sabbatical so to speak

1,,,when the bike is set up 21 / 17 the front end rises circa 1'' which essentially increases the trail theoretically making it more stable ie track easier in a straight line,,,the seat raises circa 3/8 inch....i myself have reverted to this set up,,namely because,,i have a short inseam,,and in the technical rocky stuff,,,the 18 rear raised the the gearing thus necessitating a lot of clutch action,,and when i can't dab the ground ,,well ,i hate falling over,,,so for me the 21'' sealed the deal in how i prefer the bike to handle in the dirt,,,and i'm no sloooow poke,,so in the context of how and where i ride,,,i"m a happy chappy,,,OBTW,,i dig the street legal Dunlop Rallye Raids running 34PSI,,,,i like em on the street and dirts as well,,,caveat:,,,what you read in our reports are the feedback and impressions of folks ranging from world class champions like Jimmy to my local hot-shoe side kick /assistant/wheel build ace zach,,,my self and hosts of other ADV riders using this set-up...i am positive Jimmy ran these set-ups above and beyond my current skill sets...the point i'm trying to make,,is that just because i feel comfy does not necessarily mean jimmy feels comfy with it,,,same goes for tire selection,,,What i do KNOW,,is that their is more solid info in Jimmy's post,,for all of us to make better decisions with...Thanks again Jimmy

2,,,the seat height goes up circa .5-1'' depending on which set up ya use

this of course will make the bike lean over a little more,,which can be compensated for by:

3,,,we have offered adjustable or modified side-stands for years,,i"ll see if i can find a link to the thread about em,,,i believe we will modify your side-stand to the range you want ,,weld a nice big foot on it to boot for $99 plus S&H or extend yours with big foot for $60 or if just needs shortening for $40,,,those prices are off the top of my head

FYI;;;here's another company that makes a nice unit circa $350,,haven't seen or tested one

what's neat about the adjustable unit is its versatility,,,BWOE,,it's a no brainer that going from 17 to 21 and back again will cause the bike to lean over at a different angle,,,NOW visualize the difference between solo riding and fully loaded and fully loaded with a big passenger BWOE,,,i noticed that the bike with standard side-stand will lean over more and sometimes it get's too vertical ,,,no sweat,,i just put the bike on the center-stand grab the foot of side-stand turn counterclockwise to take pressure off the jam nut (i never tighten the jam nut with a wrench) and re-adjust it for optimal lean angle.

and thanks Jimmy for taking the time n energy to throw some experienced light on the 21'' issue.


PS,,,i have been taken to task by some in other forums that my wheels and or suggested sizing diameters and widths to accommodate any type of riding you want to do are the end all /do all solution to your bikes performance,,,,that BWOE i should have a forewarning disclosure statement like: 'suspension improvements would serve you better..'.

Folks,,,it's Woody's Wheel Works...NOT woody's suspension or anything else works

'The chain is as strong as the weakest link'....

i know certain bikes have all kind of other issues that need upgrading and/or replacement,,,Zach just spent a grand for some Ohlins
on our shop bike because he could ride it so much faster and easier on the 21/18 setup... the stock suspension couldn't handle it,,thus it became the the next weakest link,,,

the ultimate trick is to have a well balanced machine,,all systems working harmoniously together for the kind of riding you do,,,

all i want to do is give you wheels that have been designed and tested to enhance your performance and enjoyment,,,OBTW and 'bult to last' and while we're at it why not make em purty
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