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Forks...shit. Options...shit. your link says:

On ADVrider, there is an extensive thread about the mythic Bitubo fork cartridges, imported from Italy. There’s one guy who actually has them, swears by them, but he does most of his riding in Staten Island. Fuck sake, lads. I need a better endorsement than that before I run out and chuck a bunch a dough at new cartridges.
Things like this stopped me in my tracks. Then there were the failures that started to emerge with the kits.

I have 2 motoX front ends awaiting that perfect moment where I have a surplus of time and money.

Then the BMW front end goes the way of the Dodo.

Front wheel clacking is most likely the disc pads floating in the caliper. Mine makes a hell of a noise. If you pull the front brake on and pump the forks see if it makes the noise then. It'll be the pads for sure.

The wobbles - itsatdm has the way of it. It's a geometry thing most likely. Play with rear pre-load and front height. Raise the rear and drop the front each by 20mm and it changes everything about the way it behaves at freeway speeds.

Some blame tyres, some blame pre-load...I just know this works after figuring it out on my own and then seeing that others agree.
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