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Originally Posted by beechum1 View Post
when is your pre-run? do you want a local?
We are going to get started the morning of the 9th. Allan is sending us a linkup site that we will meet on the night of the 8th and we will cross over the border the morning of the 9th. I think he was saying that we are only going about 11 miles in the trucks the getting on the bikes. Don't ask me where we are going to go or the location of the linkup yet, he should be sending that to me tonight. Do you have time to ride some?? If so let me know and I will keep you in the loop, I will tell you that this is more of a this is Baja, bike shakedown type of thing. We are not going to be blasting around to much, might get on it now and then but most of it will be just getting a good feel for all of the different types of riding. From what I have seen and been told, it changes all the time, sand to rock, to about everything else you can think of. Most of us are on the East coast so it is going to be all new, and I am sure that we will be spending a bunch of time picking ourselves and bikes up! If you are good with that let me know, I will talk to Allan and John, to make sure that everyone is cool. This is their thing helping us out so I can't make the call but I will find an answer for you.

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