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Originally Posted by JRWooden;19139501
I also bought a cyclegear heatgear skull cap - [URL[/URL]
it seemed to work but for some very odd reason it gave me a serious headache after wearing it for about an hour...
Almost as soon as I took it off the headache was gone - it was like it was pressing on the acupuncture location for "give this guy a splitting headache". The cap is a bit short and only comes down to the middle of my ears which is not a good "termination" point IMHO,

... so I'm still looking for something to help keep my helmet padding from absorbing so much sweat - suggestions appreciated!

PS: I have no affiliation with either LDC or Cyclegear.
The LDComfort helmet liner covers the ears with no seams if you get the longer one. We have a shorter one but I don't wear it.

Also a note on cooling: Once you wet the sleeves of the LDComfort long sleeve shirt (or the separate cooling sleeves) the inside layer next to the skin will be dry and the moisture/water moves to the outside layer of fabric. This is an important feature and designed to keep you from getting that clammy feeling. When you funnel air up the sleeves for cooling allow that cold air to fill the body of your jacket and ride in a bubble of cool air. If you open your vents you will let all that precious cold air escape; kind of like opening the back windows on your car with the air conditioner running. (τΏ~) Mario
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