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it"s a small world after all !!!!!

well,,waht a crazy little thread this has been,,,,

just returned from Saigon ,,burned out from 3 months on the road,,,happenstance or perhaps there is no-thing by 'chance',,,,in this crazy dance,,,i had such sporadic wi-fi service,,that it was like viewing the world below flying home through these incredible cumulus clouds and like my brief glimpses of the earth below ,,i'd check-int o see how my fellow inmates were doing,,,

how i happened to learn of jetjackson's plight eludes me at he moment,,,i can't even remember just where i posted some suggestions,,ijetjackson PMd me too and gave more advice from that venue,,and never heard from him again,,,

his dad PMd me and thanked me for helping his kid out,,,,so just got to the shop to see what's new...

and when i see that brother Lukas M is the mystery man willing to sell n send a wheel to jetjackson,,i
because we've been doing wheel business while this saga was playing out

and that jet got to meet my buddy filosof and the fact that you all connected,,,,hope nya got a pic of his ugly mug

found another link to FILOSOF holiday service in pi picassa album

wonder if that is his gig??just curious,,,so her we are keeping the karmic ball moving in a benevolent direction,,,with magical results

man allof us chiming in here were in many different corners of the globe,,,

it's apleasure playing big with you ..\and

it truly is a small world after all...!!1

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