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Originally Posted by baloneyskin daddy View Post
You didn't say what you paid for it but I can almost guarantee that a real nice one could be purchased for less then you'll have in it when its done, if done correctly. Its a slippery slope you approach anytime you start a project with an old bike like this. Get online and look at the finished bikes available before you start throwing money at it. If you're doing it for the joy of the project and satisfaction and gratification youget from it then money is no object and have at it.
What are you trying to off load?

Dispite that fact that you're not wrong...

I suspect that many of the readers, riders etc around here are interested in the restoration, history, self satisfaction, nostalgia of old bikes than the $ involved. Projects progress according to budgets & budgets are set according to personal priorities.

I also suspect that that is why people write stories about their projects & progress, rather than "look at this restoration I just bought."

IMHO I'd much rather improve a bike over a period of time than shell money out for someone else that has already done it. But that's me.

Each to his own.

And all that to tell you something you already knew.
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