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I don't know about new bikes but back in the seventies a good port job made all the difference in the world. Granted, most of them weren't good but that is beside the point.
Yes, I was talking about the old stuff, before it was possible to translate design to production easily.
I didn't find it necessary to alter port timing to get large gains of low-to-mid power.
It is also unwise to attempt to make race bike power from an enduro-style engine. But these can have fabulous, usable powerbands when set up properly.
Did anyone else mess with case reed intakes? I worked over a slug of an RM250's intake tract, it seemed like the case passage was an afterthought, advertising hype, or maybe it was difficult to cast. I made the case passage much larger, man, that bike made everyone jump back the first time it was started. It had a new bark from before, never did rev high, but the torque made it a real competitor.
I think it's about making the best of what you have.
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