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alls well,that ends well,,,

Originally Posted by jetjackson View Post
Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier Woody, I thought you were reading this thread. Again, cheers for the help.

That is definitely Genna's bike, check out picture above. We went for a ride and a coffee. Crazy guy, talked ages about riding and life in general. His thoughts about how Russians differ from other Westerners.

At the moment his business is something to do with marble/glass finishes. His English is still getting there so we had a very disjointed conversation - he tries hard though. I need to learn some Russian.

Still trying to find the video of him sewing his own belly up with tooth floss after a fight in Australia.
OHHH WOW !!!,,there they are the man n same machine that came limping into my shop several years ago,,,fuck,,,i'm getting a lump in my throat

got his current contact info??? tried posting on his blog,,he wrote up some good stuff ,,,did he wear his death mask helmet with the machete slash across it???,,,did ya dig them scars???,,one was from a bar fight in ozzieland,,,the other from when three africans with machetes headed for him where he parked to set up camp,,,now get this,,,heeding his friends advice he carried no guns with him,,,his friend said ''take this instead'',,,and hands him a pick ax handle !! ,,,Filosof/Gennady/Genna fashions a holster for it along his fork leg,,,

,,,as they approached he sensed trouble,,grabs his pick ax handle,,positions himself behind his bike,,,the guy on the right heads for him first ,,and as he raise his arm,,,genna slams a home run onto the guys for arm sending him yowling to the ground,,,,swings around and hammers the second guy with another homer,,,this gave the third guy just enough time to plant a strike across genna's helmet and face but not enough time to elude genna's next smash across his knees,,,so within a flash he dispatched the three aggressors who lay writhing on the ground pissing n moaning,,he told em to shut up,,they didn't so he gave em a few more wacks in special places to make sure thay had something to whine about,,not to mention having a lil extra insurance so that they wouldn't bother him for awhile

,,,so he packs up,,heads back into town,get's a room and by candlelight re-fashions a big needle from his sewing kit into a J with his needle nose on his Weatherman,,get's some dental floss and begins patching the 3'' slash on his cheek

and you'll see all that here:

MY kinda MAN

the ozzieland adventure incident is for another time,,,it's about what a man has gotta do to make some dough to keep up with the flow,,,,
ok ,,,
keep flying far n well
and thanks for sharing your journey,,
OBTW,,i rode that sea of motorbikes in Saigon,,,oh man did i ride that sea !!!,,,

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