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Originally Posted by SourKraut View Post
You had better hope that the previous owner had the opposite attitude if you are buying a 75K mile GS.
I'll ind out more today...

Originally Posted by MIXR View Post
Apart from all the basic stuff like service records, smoking engine, excessive or unusual noise (good luck with that one), brake smoothness, rideability etc, the only other worthwhile check is the rear wheel play at 12/6 and 3/9 positions. Any bike that rides fine can have issues about to rear their head. I doubt the dealer will allow you to drop rear drive oils, or check splines, or do any other sort of tear-down. Second hand? Good condition? Reputable dealer? You still take your chances unless you get an iron-clad warrenty period that covers all mechanical failures in the first x months or x miles. That is something we don't get here with second-hand motorcycles.

Best thing you can do is go through the existing records and confirm any major issues in the past. If the records are just book stamps on service intervals, or no records, then it had better be cheap enough to cover any realistic potential failure. Can you contact the last owner? That's always a good thing to do here, if the records identify them and the dealer is willing to put you in contact.
I'm sure that I'll be be able to get at records if they re available, also access to the PO... If not, then I'm one. But like I said the dealer truly is iron clad. Do dealers offer warranties on bikes this old? I was thinking of making a run at him on this too.

Originally Posted by Effjay View Post
Interesting question 'cus I purchased an '01 R1150GS with just 21k total miles less than a month ago (advertised here but I'd already seen the moto). Lately, I seem to be buying older low mileage motos rather than new, which had been my usual for the prior 40 yrs. Mine is in fine overall mechanical condition with very few minor cosmetic warts (hey, I am anal), but 75k miles on the one you are considering would deter me unless priced right and all service records provided.
What would be a right price?

Thanks ya'll
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