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Thanks for a great report. Looks like you had a blast on the 150. It really inspires me to load up my XT225 and try it too. There's a special kind of fun from "squeezing" more out of a small bike than it feels like you should.

I think it's because everything has become so "easy" these days compared to the challenges that folks used to face in their everyday lives. We have to go out of our way to create a level of difficulty.

I saw a video of a Japanese guy who rode a 125 or 150 Yamaha around the world. By the time he crossed Siberia, zigzagged through Europe, sailed to the tip of Argentina and worked his way up to the States the motorcycle shops where he had to stop for some repairs were treating him like a celebrity and wanting to get photos with him. They even machined some free parts for him in Oregon, because his bike was Japanese specs and the parts weren't available there.

Thanks again for the great story & photos.
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