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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
Putting you engine at TDC and taking off a pipe to clean up you exhaust port is easy.

No gullible customers involved with my findings. Just a couple of guys racing for our shop back the seventies.

Trans sonic? Explosions have trans sonic pressure waves. What do you think pushes a bullet to trans sonic speeds? But let's just stay with sonic for now. A flow bench can't duplicate that either. Surely you must understand that flowing exhaust is much further from what actually goes on in there in a running engine than flowing intake.

I don't know about new bikes but back in the seventies a good port job made all the difference in the world. Granted, most of them weren't good but that is beside the point.
First of all you failed to answer my query. Try that first. When does the burning (hint hint) charge go trans sonic? Please show the math.

Now please tell me when the fuel/air charge explodes. Your failure to comprehend the events inside an engine is staggering for someone who claims so much.

Do yourself a favor and read and understand some Vannick,Mike Chapman or maybe Heywood before you enter into a discussion about combustion. At this point you're so absolutely clueless it's a waste of bandwidth. Nothing like a battle of wits with a buffoon.
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