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Yeah, I've listed the bike for sale. I'm honestly up in the air on it. The fact that I'm the same speed on any of my bikes, tells me that I just need to push faster, no matter which bike I'm on. Also tells me that, maybe I should go to a Japanese bike. I apparently have a knack for breaking things on bikes, and the YZ\KX\CR\RM, all have far more parts readily available on ebay.

I hate to switch bikes mid-season, especially with minimal bike prep time. Tough call, but I figure if it happens, it happens.

In the meantime, I'll continue maintaining, and making minor mods to the Husky.


PS - Luke, I'm re-reading your revalving thread. I found that the Amsoil Shock Therapy oil I put in the Husky before was = to 10wt oil. The new stuff I got is supposed to be 5wt. I'm anxious to see the difference. I think I'll steal some of your ideas for rebounding valving on the fork as well. I think we're on the same page with things in that regard.
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