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It is Wednesday morning August first! Wow, how time flies when you are having fun! I am sitting comfortable in a soft couch in Jeff's and Leslie's house. Jeff is an ADV rider I met at Westfest and he invited me to stay at his place.
After I left Estes (where I parked in a fee parking lot, oops, did not see that!) I headed toward Nebraska. The hills slowly got lower and lower and all of a sudden there is nothing but flatlands. Amazing how it can change so fast.
I rode through Loveland and Greeley, toward Fort Morgan. The sky behind me looked black and I was hoping to outride it. Well, so much for that idea cause once I got to Fort Morgan it caught up with me. Out of nowhere the wind showed up and buffeted me across the road. I had to fight to stay somewhere between the lines. A few times the wind hit so hard I felt the bike swoop from under me and had to counter lean to stay up. Scary as hell! The rain came down so hard it was hard to see. I made it to a small town called BRush where I saw a sign Empire Motel. Phew! I made it. Decided to splurge for a night cause there was no way I wanted to continue riding in this. It was $50 for a night which was worth it.

Couldn't help but take a picture of the art in my motel room. For once a nice picture! Most of the time the stuff on the wall is just awful!

I relaxed for the evening and laid all my stuff out to dry, including my tent cover that never dried that morning.
Right next door was a supermarket where I bought some nibbles for the night, and rented Underworld Awakening. (Have the first 3 DVDs on my laptop). I must say that this sequel left much to be desired. I guess the next one will have to make up for it.
I slept great even though occasionally I'd wake up when a train thundered by, and was up and about early. Left Brush at 9 and decided to make it to Lincoln that day.
Talk about a sore butt!! I did it though!

Entering Nebraska! Yay, another state, now I need to find another cool sticker for on my Pelicans
Took a couple of breaks along the way and had something to eat.

Yep........... picture says it all!

Missed the perfect shot where you can see that both FedEx and UPS take the same train! I wonder why one is more expensive in shipping then the other?

As it got later the moon rose, almost full! Ahoooooooooo!!!

Took this picture aiming the camera backward, pretty good I think!

I got to Jeff's house at 9:30 a bit later than I had planned, but that's cause I got lost just a tad.

Jeff and Leslie live in a gorgeous part of Lincoln and they have this amazing house!
Leslie made me a salad with some of her homegrown veggies, Yum!

Slept like a baby!
Tonight is bike night, so we'll see what that is like
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