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Originally Posted by jetjackson View Post
He is ALL that is man! Seriously.

Awesome guy, meeting him will be on the highlights of the trip so thanks again for the hookup.

I will PM you his current contact details. If you go back to the root section of the Picasa web album you can see all his photos. He is a pretty damn good photographer also.

I only got a bit of the story from him, so glad you could elaborate.

I am sure Genna would be more than happy to head to Spandau and dole out some punishment if we funded the trip for him. I doubt anyone would ever deny that man a warranty claim if he turned up to the dealership in person.
hi jet,,,somewhere we posted that link ,,i remembe rit was page #4 on the lower right hand corner which had an incredibly fine self portrait,,,,,

when he was in denver ,,after we repaired his wheels, he needed some warranty work done,,so they told him to leave his bike ,they'll get to it next week,,he came back all disappointed,,,so i took him back to the shop,,a few words with the owner and Voila,,he was next in line

one thing i learned in life "It's far better to have PULL than to PUSH !''

they were able to handle some of the glitches,,however couldn't figure out something with his fuel sensor or whatever..they'd need more time ,,call in the local service wizard,,,he wanted to get on the road,,well fed and rested,,he took off never to hear from him again...

you guys that want his services,,,i bet if ya sweet talk him into it,,,

which of course ,,helps me tell ya a bit about the ozzieland experience,,,

he's stuck somewhere in eastern australia,,,needs money to repair bike and move on,,,hears of deal that some biker club needs to start an incident in a bar with a neighboring biker gang moving into their turf,,,so he sez he wants $8k and promises to inflict some serious damage as a gesture of good will,,,so they settle on $5k,,done deal...

so sits in the aforementioned bar ,,the others show up,,go inside and start giving him shit,,,well,,,that's when ol Filosof/Gennady swings into action,,,from what he told me ,,it was a fantastic brawl,,he was having a helluva lot of fun,,cracking chairs over heads,,,,throwing tables,,and tossing guys out onto the street,,,when he realizes the guys that were supposed to back him up were no where to be seen,,,so he decides to make an early exit,,,that's when some guy smashes the bottom off a beer bottle and decides to give ol Filosof a little reminder of his afternoon,,,by slashing his face as he runs out the door for his bike,,,

he got outta there somehow,,blood pouring all over him,,,found some motel down the road,,and yes,,,go back to previous story,,,stitches him self up in the mirror,,,he does a nice job ,,neither time did he have complications,,,tended his wounds well,,pulled out his own stitches,,,he never got paid for his services but he sure got a good tale out of it,,,

My kinda guy

here's to ya gennady,,whereever you are!!!
na zdorovye !!!

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