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I may have to leave in the morning :-)

My schedule is set to leave NC September 1 but after reading the starting post of this thread I don't know if I can wait. I made it as far as Fairbanks in 2003 but time turned me back south. I got the whole month this trip so Prudhoe Bay it is.

So many of the things he wrote about are "me".

I never check a weather report before a trip. If I can't go it won't be the weather that stops me.

I never make hotel or camp site reservations. There's always the woods.

When I hit sparse fuel territory I never pass a fill up opportunity. I did that last AK trip one time and the stations were only ~25 miles apart. :-) I've never run out of gas in a motorcycle in the ~40 years I've been riding them.

When I was there last the BMW Dealership was in a mobile home, no shit, new bikes were on blocks in a living room picture window. The mechanic shop was a shack out back. I lie to you not. I have pics of the old guy (my age, little older) mounting a new rear tire on my 1100R and there was just barely enough room on each side of the bike for him to work. I seriously
doubt he could have got an LT in there. Alcan 'ate' the rear MEZ3. Went flat as I stood in front of the Yukon/AK sign getting my picture taken. Damn good thing the guard shack had a compressor in the shop. I have no idea how I made it to Fairbanks on that thing. Steel wire was slapping the inside of the fender well like one of those paint scrapers. The pucker mark in the seat was still on that bike when I sold it 50,000 miles later. :-)

This trip I'm swapping the Anakees for some K60 Scouts in Fairbanks for the Dalton and the Cassiar on the return trip. I'm ordering them ahead from a local dealer to be there when I arrive. I sure as hell don't want those folks going out of business so I'm willing to pay more to help make sure they're there for my next trip. Back to Anakee's near the south end of the Cassiar.

About the only thing new they can do in AK that will make my day is put a torch to all the Mickey Ds, Burger Kings, etc. I want greasy eggs and truck stop coffee.

Last thing, I always ride solo. A vacation is for doing what 'you' want to do. Not asking someone else what 'they' want to do. :-)

Wonder if I'd get fired if I left now ............................
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