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Originally Posted by ADK View Post
ACR sounds great. How much is sighn up these days?
ACR requires no card or membership fee, some tracks require AMA cards (because thats how they are insured?) and every track charges what they want. Most are $10.00 to get in the gate wether you race or not and $30 a class, some discount the 2nd or 3rd class. Pricing is the same as D34/MSC and NESC or close to it.
Having raced MSC/D34 and some NESC I can tell you that there is no comparison, we had 225 entries on Saturday divided among 12 moto's(x2) so we were done at 4:00 or so. Other racing has 25+ moto's(x2) and even though the numbers have dwindled in total entries (used to be 900 in NESC/D34 now it is 4-500 at Southwick) there is still at least 25 separate motos so no matter what if your the last 10 motos at Claverack your watching the sun set on the start line while you launch blindly into the first corner and chances are they are cutting laps in the second moto as well.
Show up with a BMW GS (Jason) and they will let you race, there was a guy on a 59 BSA at Binghamton, want to race a modern bike there's a spot for you, bring your 5 year old and there is a greenhorn class, mini class and you can pretty much ride anything as long as the front wheel is 19" or smaller, Rupp or ToteGoat your welcome, there was a guy on a very fast Harley sportster for awhile, Honda CB 750 4cyl well there was a guy on one of those. 125 2 stroke has become the bike of choice because of the fun factor so you can choose a multitude of classes and the 125 GP is the class that gets the biggest turnout and is chock full of former NESC/D34 champs as well as former semi Pros. Jimmy Weinert was racing with us when his son started to excel in the sport and I lined up next to him quite a few times.
Southwick held a vintage heros day a few years back and Gary Jones rode one of my Bultaco's, Pomeroy was there, Weinert,Mike Bell, Warren Reid, Buck Murphy,as well as others I can't remember. Mark Barnett rode my 80 RM125 at Budds Creek as well as 5 other classes which was amazing to see.
ACR is the best race series this side of the Mississippi without a doubt.
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