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Originally Posted by tagesk View Post

After having taken a 2000 model 170.000 km (well over 100.000 miles) I bought a 2001 model 13 month ago, It had a mere 40.000 km on it.
On the "new" one I have replaced the brake lines, the clutch pump, the output seal from the trans and the input seal in the FD. All these are "typical". For the input to the FD you need a special tool, so bring the FD to a BMW shop and they'll do it for you in minutes. The rest is simple.

We're just back from a 13.000 km trip with a lot of luggage (540 kg gross!) and have covered 40.000 km since I bought it. Fully expect it to last another 50.000 km without major repair.

Or, if you like: I would not hesitate to buy a 75K miles bike if it looks as if it has been taken care of.

cool... I'm finding out more about the bike, and can talk with the owner. It's been fed amsol since birth and is well fitted. Not a bad price either. I also found an 04 with less miles, less farkles, and is less money...
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