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where does this go?
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looking for low, S, or 'euro' bars...

im putting together an S. I want the lower bars that i guess are the "euro bend".

Im open to buying BUT....

Ive got an RT(i think) bar... 4 1/2 inches of rise.

I've got these:

which i paid pretty good money for. they are 22mm, i cant read the manufacturers mark on them, Fueller, or something? I beieve they were made back in the day. They are straight, shiny, have some nicks and clamp scratches, and worked "real well" for what they are. Which turns out to be "not what I should have bought". I've never ridden anything with that sort of ride position(tucked), and it isn't my bag i guess.

First hope would be to trade the RT bars, and hold onto the drops just in case i change my mind and try again, but then again, I am pretty broke and would like to get this bike "done" (yes I am aware that "done" is a joke) as cheap as I can.
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