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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
Regarding the BF bike, I'm gonna wait for the Pharaons before passing judgement...
Ah yes Brodo... but by then the odds could fall* It takes a truly courageous type like FLOOD to put their money up five months out from the first round bell.

*Mind you... the B-F odds could go way up if the things fall into bits at Egypt...? or if HRC share skyrocket if they turn up in Lima with four MotoGP semis and a cast of hundreds.

The topic at hand at the momemnt is who is prepared to put money where the mouth is here and now... based on the limited info. we have at hand.

Frankly Brodo, your "sit on the fence/wait and see" attitude is pretty (jokingly) dissappointing... It inspires about as much confidence as the Greek economy*...

*(sorry I couldn't help myself...)
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