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Oh let's not go there...

No, I am (naively maybe?) optimistic regarding the Mi1... as for the 50p piece failing, well that would have to be the mechanic's fault, no? I am pretty sure all the teams (except HRC - their attention to detail is second to none) use the same -proven- off-the-shelf bits... I am talking fuel pumps, brakes, clutches, electrical components etc...

In my opinion it's up to how much attention the bikes get at the end of each day by the mechanics, and how much effort & time they are prepared to spend on the bikes... remember the Verhoeven / Sherco debacle, or rider's gripes with Geofil, failures were mainly down to lazy/inept mechanics IIRC

I am pretty sure big orange replace about 50% (if not all) of the bits prone (or even suspect) to failure on their fleet at the end of each stage... (I have faith that BF spent a lot of hours dissecting and analyzing the 450RRs that they were racing with last year, and have probably fitted the exact same components on their new beauties)

So, to go out on a limb, I think BF's success lies more in the level & quality of support they are willing to invest in the team, than the actual power plant or accessories on the bike... That will be the deciding factor, and not the powerplant (TM are not Sherco witness their results in SuperMoto)

We'll get a better picture come October
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